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Project Description


  1. Tokyo 4 nights
  2. Takayama 1 night
  3. Kanazawa 1 night
  4. Kyoto 3 nights
  5. Hyogo 1 night
  6. Osaka 1 night


Marco and Sara left for their honeymoon to go discover this beautiful country:  Japan.
The first stop of their travel, the futuristic and hyper technological city of Tokyo: political and cultural center of the Country, it is where all that is modern concentrates in Japan. Tokyo is divided in 23 wards, where the streets do not have names. The urban distribution in fact is based on a division system of areas that carry the following names: Chyoda ku, Chou ku, Minato ku, Shibuya ku, Shinjuku ku, Bunkyo ku, Taito ku, Sumida ku e Koto ku. Getting lost is very easy, but it is also a lot of fun! Marco and Sara made use of the metropolitan network that connects the various wards in order to discover all the areas of Tokyo, from the trendiest neighborhoods ideal for shopping, to those that enclose the majority of the city night life, including the traditional neighborhoods where the history of this place is still available to be discovered. Marco and Sara enjoyed this city looking up, fascinated by the skyscrapers so tall they could not see the top, blinded by the lights of the city that never sleeps.
From Tokyo the newlyweds boarded one of the famous “bullet trains” to reach the country’s hinterland and proceed with the discovery of more traditional locations. Takayama is an ancient feudal village, famous for its ancient houses in wood, and its festival that is held every spring and autumn. Here the newlyweds walked among typical shops of local artisan products, eating in the gracious restaurants decorated in traditional style. The next day they left to discover SHIRIKAWA GO, nestled on the mountains it is a quiet village surrounded by rice fields. Thanks to the traditional homes, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The main characteristic of these houses in wood is the sloping roof in hay, necessary for the weight of snow in the winter, where in this area the snowfalls are very heavy.
After this beautiful village, Marco and Sara headed to KANAZAWA where they spent the night. A trip in Kanazawa is like throwing yourself deep into the magic of Japan. The roads faced by stately homes, the ancient neighborhoods, the castle and the magnificent “Kenrouken” garden make it one of the most fascinating destinations. It is also a treasure chest of artistic artisan works: Silk kimonos, Kutani wear and traditional prints. In addition to the city’s refined style is the famous traditional cuisine. Marco and Sara felt they were part of a life-changing trip between perfumes, tastes and colors of the East, and they were charmed.
The trip continues with KYOTO, an ancient city where the Japanese culture was born, with over 1,200 years of history and culture to attract and impress tourists from all over the world. It is found in the central western area of the country and was the capital of Japan for more than 1000 years. Here various Japanese traditions were born, like the “tea ceremony“, the “Ikebana“, or the arrangement of flowers, and the “Kabuki” theater. Higashiyama is the area where to best enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient Kyoto, where modern buildings and bright signs leave space to traditional wood buildings and shops that remind of ancient times in the ancient capital.
From Kyoto, in 2 hours on the high-speed train, the newlyweds reached KINOSAKI, one of the most characteristic villages in Japan. A famous spa resort that the Japanese call “the onsen village“, typical volcanic springs of which Japan has many. The thermal springs available are an incredible 7, in addition to the countless onsen made available by the various hotel facilities. What makes it more traditional is the widespread habit of walking through the streets and shops wearing the “Yukata“, the Kimono made available by hotels; hence its nickname “Yukata Village“. In this case, the newlyweds had the chance to enjoy a unique and traditional experience spending the night in a typical Ryokan, where they experienced a typical Japanese dinner and slept on “Tatami”.
The last stop of Marco and Sara’s trip is the city of Osaka, a city known for its lively night life and its delicious cuisine.  They did not lose the opportunity to go for a walk in the historical area of Dontombori, a fascinating mix of Japanese lights and sounds, to conclude this fairytale trip


Marco and Sara spent € 4,900.00 for their honeymoon trip

  • Hotel: only overnight stay at each location
  • Japan Rayl Pass included
  • Riokan overnight stay
  • Medical/luggage/cancellation insurance


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