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Project Description


  1. SINGAPORE- 2 nights
  2. BALI – 3 nights
  3. UBUD – 1 night
  4. LOVINA -1 night
  5. GILI – 3 nights
  6. LOMBOK – 1 night


This vibrant “door” to the Orient tells of customs and habits that hail from very far away, a land of contrasts where a varied and multiethnic population is linked to the traditions of the place, where buildings in british colonial style embrace the spectacular skyline of skyscrapers surrounded by colorful botanical gardens. The young newlyweds had fun wandering around the luxury boutiques, to then relax in corners of peace and meditation of an extraordinary Singapore.
Chiara and Andrea flew to the land of a thousand colors, where tropical mountains lead into the plantations of tea and coffee, active volcanoes stand in contrast with the green lush hills, and ancient temples act as a backdrop to a turquoise sea…this is a fairytale called Indonesia. How can you not fall in love with this amazing land every day?
After a day of free exploration, the following day features the Island tour. Hand in hand, Chiara and Andrea went to discover the Island of Bali with a guide that has accompanied them and explained to them the hidden marvels of this enchanting place. Bali maintains its authenticity and its charm despite the recent tourist boom: the terraced hills where rice is cultivated are characteristic just as much as the dense tropical forests, where it is possible to go for walks. The mountains to the north reach 3,000 meters of altitude, like mount Agung, also called “mother mountain”, an active volcano. The tour begins from the city of Ubud, with a small and tranquil cultural center on the hills. Along the journey, the newlyweds stopped at the bat cave and visited the rice farms of the area, going through two villages where the local artists create marvelous wood sculptures. Leaving the city, it is possible to find various artisan villages, rice farms and the famous monkey forest. The Tour proceeds to Lovina, a location known for its black volcanic beaches. Along the journey Chiara and Andrea admired landscapes of exclusive beauty, cultivated rice fields and enjoyed a stop at the characteristic “Holy Spring Water” Temple surrounded by springs. The day after, early in the morning the newlyweds participated in the boat ride to admire dolphins in their natural habitat … with the possibility to enjoy snorkeling! Of course, included was the visit at the characteristic market of Begudul where it was easy to get lost among perfumed spices and precious fabric… and as a beautiful ending, the chance to admire the beautiful Beratan lake.
Saying goodbye to Bali, Chiara and Andrea set sail towards the Trawangan Gili Island, where they spent the last four nights of their travel. White beaches, crystal clear water, and marvelous seabeds make this island a real paradise for a seaside relax. They stayed at Vila Ombak, a characteristic resort where they enjoyed some days of well-earned relax. The Gili Islands, a micro archipelago of 3 islands off the Lombok coasts. Turquoise waters populated by giant turtles, extraordinary seabeds with colorful fish and seahorses, untouched beaches, they are called “the Maldive of the 70s”, and this is their charm. Here the newlyweds can step back in time and enjoy a day of absolute relaxation immersed in the turquoise waters of these islands, swimming with small barrier reef sharks and relaxing on the wild beaches.
The newlyweds had the opportunity to visit the nearby island of Lombok, a real paradise on earth, with vast rainforests, grassy savannas, and an active volcano dominate the island, with deserted beaches and crystal-clear sea. They could not miss out on a trip to Rinjani, the active volcano where they had the chance to enjoy beautiful trekking excursions in the middle of nature, enjoying unforgettable landscapes. Its dark crater is reflected on the crystal-clear waters of the lake that is formed within it, truly beautiful, perfect to take photos! Chiara and Andrea ended the trip by heading deep into the wild nature to see the magnificent Tiu Kelep waterfalls and the Batu Bolong temple overlooking the sea.

Chiara and Andrea returned home enriched by the discovery of customs and habits of the east, with eyes still filled with wonder thanks to nature’s wonderful marvels on the Indonesian islands.


Chiara and Andrea spent €5,900.00

  • Flights included from VENICE
  • 2 nights with breakfast in Singapore.
  • Flight Singapore – Bali
  • 3 nights with breakfast in Bali.
  • 2 nights tour with meals included Ubud – Lovina
  • Boat trip to Gili Trawagan Island
  • 4 nights with breakfast Gili Trawagan Island
  • Medical/luggage/cancellation insurance


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