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Project Description


  1. San Francisco – California 4 nights                  
  2. Bryce Canyon – Utah 1 night
  3. Lake Powell – Arizona 1 night
  4. Monument Valley – Arizona 1 night
  5. Grand Canyon – Arizona 2 nights
  6. Las Vegas – Nevada 2 nights
  7. Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico 6 nights


The newlywed started their honeymoon in San Francisco, one of the most iconic cities in the world of the United States West Coast. Frisco, as people of the city call it, is spread out over 40 hills connected by the characteristic cable cars that cross it in a continuous up and down to end on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Anna and Nicola took a few pictures on the famous Lombard Street, the most photographed street in the world and one that has often been the protagonist in cop movies. From the futuristic museum of SFMoma to the narrow streets of the Mission District, a rejuvenated neighborhood, with more than 200 murals decorating homes, banks and restaurants. The spouses let this futuristic city conquer them and surprise them at every corner. They dreamed of the beautiful Victorian homes of Telegraph Hill, strolling among shops and admiring the contrasts with the Arabian style buildings of Chinatown, to end with the eccentric buildings of the Financial District, in the unique Skyline of San Francisco. At sunset, they enjoyed a romantic view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from the Transamerica Pyramid.
As a roulette spin, the newlywed flew to… Las Vegas! To start the day on the right foot, they immediately enjoyed a wonderful Fly & Drive itinerary across the major American parks.
The first stop was Bryce Canyon, one of the smallest parks, but also one of the most visited! With its enchanting landscapes, labyrinths of gorges, peaks and pinnacles, red and orange, the colors play with each other creating picture-perfect landscapes.  A truly beautiful show of nature at any time, day and night, that one can enjoy from a natural amphitheater measuring 32 kilometers in diameter. It is in the middle of pine trees and fir forests, inhabited by lynxes, deer and coyotes.
From Lake Powell, the charming tour across the American south-west continued towards one of the most enchanting locations of the entire itinerary: Monument Valley, a majestic view that opened up before their thrilled gaze.  At the border between Utah and Arizona, this location is deemed the true Far West! The area is part of the immense Native American land that since 1958 has become the official Navajo reservation Immense expanses among which the “Three Sister” and the “Elephant Butte”, an immense rock whose shape reminds that of an elephant, and the Totem Poles, pinnacles that remind of the characteristic Native American symbols. The sacred feeling that one perceives crossing these lands is something that Anna and Nicola will never forget.
Another must-see stop to enjoy the beauty of the American West, the Grand Canyon National Park, declared part of the World Heritage Sites of Unesco. There it is possible to find a giant gorge created by the rising of the plateau of Colorado and the erosion of the Colorado River and its tributaries. The Grand Canyon reaches in many areas 1,600 meters of depth and it is deemed one of the natural wonders of the world! Both sides, the North Rim & South Rim, are accessible and offer extraordinary views. Guided excursions, by foot or on horseback, in quad or with any kind of boat that ride the waters of the river: in fact, there are many ways to admire this wonderful place unique in the world, but the most thrilling experience was the one chosen by our newlywed: overlooking the Grand Canyon by helicopter!
After a week spent traveling across breathtaking landscapes, desert-like expanses and surreal atmospheres, the newlywed concluded their American-dream honeymoon in the dazzling city of Las Vegas. Famous as the capital city of entertainment, shopping, gambling and mega hotels. There are no monuments, museums to visit and not even natural parks to admire…. everything in Las Vegas is man-made! The attractions are located inside the hotels, which have turned over the years in giant themed resorts. Along the famous “Strip” (the main street) stand the biggest hotels in the world. The newlywed enjoyed a taste of home when they crossed The Venetian, a replica of Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge and Canal Grande along with gondolas.
From the noisy Las Vegas, Anna and Nicola flew back in time landing in the Riviera Maya, located in the spectacular Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico. Here, they enjoyed a full week of relaxation and adventure at the Seaclub Playa Maroma, located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya. Alternating excursions to beach days, they chose to visit and discover some of the Yucatan wonders, such as:

  • Tulum, a small Mayan location overlooking the ocean;
  • Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan site in the Yucatan region, with its massive step pyramid of EL Castillo;
  • Uxmal with its Seer Temple remained hidden for centuries in the middle of the thick vegetation and characterizing this area.

Last but not least, they spent a pleasant evening at Playa del Carmen, the most tourist-oriented location in the Riviera Maya, enjoying the lively and care-free atmosphere typical of the Mexican evening celebrations.


Anna and Nicola spent for their honeymoon EUR 7,400.00

  • Flight from Venice included
  • Flight San Francisco – Las Vegas included
  • Flight Las Vegas – Cancun included
  • Overnight stay only in the United States, Full board All Inclusive in Mexico
  • Car rental in the US included
  • Medical/luggage/cancellation insurance


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